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How to Implement Forced Appreciation Strategies with Mike Marshall!

OnlyLandFans Podcast Ep. 39

Join us on "OnlyLandFans," the essential podcast for land flippers, wholesalers, and developers, as we welcome Mike Marshall, a real estate virtuoso with over 15 years of experience in Planning and Zoning Departments across Texas and California. Mike's journey, from developing large-scale residential subdivisions to a massive 1.4 million square foot TV and movie studio campus, led to the founding of Tolosa Property Group. His firm specializes in revitalizing properties with decreased cash flow or deflated value through innovative forced appreciation strategies.

In this episode, discover the secrets of transforming underperforming properties into profitable ventures. Mike, living by Zig Ziglar's philosophy of helping others achieve their goals, applies his expertise to benefit investors across various asset classes. Tune in for a session filled with expert insights and practical tips, essential for anyone looking to enhance their real estate investments, all shared from Mike's perspective in North Texas.

Enjoy the show!

Mike Marshall spent more than 15 years working in the Planning and Zoning Departments of cities in both Texas and California working within the entitlement space on development projects ranging from 1,200 lot residential subdivisions, to office buildings and even a 1.4 M square foot TV and movie studio campus along the way. All of that before starting Tolosa Property Group, a real estate consulting firm that helps investors with properties suffering from decreased cash flow, deflated property value or unrealized development potential by implementing highly specialized forced appreciation strategies to turn around their underperforming properties. Mike endeavors to live by the Zig Ziglar quote, "You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want". As such, Mike now focuses on using his knowledge, skills and experience to improve the businesses of investors from all asset classes all from his home in North Texas.

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